HVAC Refurbishing


HVAC Refurbishing

Your air distribution systems are the lungs of your building. If these systems are not clean the air in your building is not clean.

Fortunately keeping your air distribution systems clean is easier than you might think. We can design a complete program that includes both preventive maintenance and air distribution hygienics.

CMC is one of a few hundred mechanical service companies who can provide you this type of service entirely with in-house staff. That is important! Sub-contractors don't always have the same integrity which means you may or may not get the results you want.

In 1987 this air handling unit was installed in an art facility. Since then dirt, wear and tear have taken their toll on the operation of this unit. It had become so inefficient and unreliable the building owner was looking for a replacement. They contacted Southern Louisiana's Preferred Service Partner, CMC Corporate Solutions.

Partly because of size and partly because of the difficult access to this unit it was going to cost about $75,000 to replace.

Replacement of this unit would have added several hundred pounds to a landfill. It would have taken several weeks due to manufacturer lead times. It would have meant more downtime to the building owner.

Instead, CMC presented a refurbishment option. First, it would cost 70% less. Second, it would only produce a few pounds of waste. Last, it would only take a few days to complete.

CMC Refurbishment:

  • OEM specifications in just under 5 days
  • 70% cost savings
  • Reduced waste
  • Less downtime
  • Less environmental impact