The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates on average, 30% of the energy consumed in commercial buildings is wasted. Energy efficiency is the single largest way to eliminate this waste, reduce emissions, and save money.

The first step to saving energy is the implementation of a solid preventive maintenance program. Any kind of energy saving device installed on a piece of equipment that is not running at peak efficiency is a waste of time and money. Systems need to be cleaned and calibrated on a regular basis to get the most out of any energy saving plan.

Applying advanced technologies and methods are proven to produce upwards of 50% savings and Return On Investment (ROI) in as few as 2 years.

CMC customizes energy programs and services to create an optimum situation for every client’s specific objectives. The combination of CMC’s expertise maximizes the efficiency of system operations and assist our clients’ in developing and implementing a long-term energy plan.

A lower total cost of operations and maximum building’s efficiency is the result.