Business & Commercial Facilities

Building owners and managers face a never-ending barrage of competing demands. Bouncing from health and safety to tenant complaints and operating cost; it's no wonder building management has become such a difficult and complex job. Adding in the more recent concerns of Building Related Illness (BRI) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), effective building management may seem impossible!

One of the major elements contributing to the difficulty is budgets constrains. These constraints force building managers to make decisions that are often contrary to the best interests on the occupants and the building itself.

CMC is prepared to help relieve some of the budgetary constraints by implementing customized service programs specifically designed to not only reduce the costs associated with owning and operating a building but in some cases turn these costs into profit centers.

Sound surprising? It is not. In the last 38 years, CMC has worked with some of the most progressive service organizations across the country. This has provided CMC with innovative and proven methods available. CMC understands the subtleties and complexities associated with building management teams allowing us to implement programs that produce results.

Results are the true goal of any service plan.

You can get anyone to change filters and grease bearings, but results are the true measurement of the collective facility activities.